Match Report Tag Rugby 11/10/18

Match report

On  Thursday  the  11th  of  October  12  tag  rugby  players  went  to Stockport  Rugby Club to  play in a tournament . The 4 girls where already chosen and 8 boys where picked out of a hat.  The team consisted of: Ellena, Daniel. T, Dan. R, Tom. K, Callum, Katie, Elsa, Violet, James, Hamish, Prashant and Zac. The adults who accompanied us to and from the event were Mr. Donaldson and Mr. Kellett A.K.A Tom’s dad. There were 3 year 5’s and 9 year 6’s.

 We played 9 matches we won 5 drew 2 and lost 2. We came 5th which meant we had qualified for the final.

 Daniel. R was also awarded man of the match for our team, in our opinion that was the right decision.

We give thanks to Stockport rugby club for hosting the event, Mr Donaldson for coaching us , Mr kellett for helping out and our parents for allowing us to go to the event for making  voluntary contribution to pay for the mini bus.

By Ellena and Daniel T.