Behaviour Policy


Tithe Barn Primary is an inclusive school that meets the needs of a range of children - this includes those with complex family backgrounds as well as those with a range of special needs.
At Tithe Barn, we aim to be a school where children can feel safe as well as learn, be confident and happy. Some children need help to manage, understand and articulate their emotions. Children who find it most difficult to conform to ‘good behaviour’ still need to be treated with respect and made to feel valued.
Effective teaching and learning is dependent upon positive relationships between staff and pupils, as well as child on child relationships. It is essential that staff are consistent when enforcing the school rules with high expectations and will challenge unacceptable behaviour with a solution focused response.
At Tithe Barn we have based our policy on positive, restorative approach towards managing behaviour.

The positive behaviour policy operates in conjunction with the following:

o    Anti-Bullying
o    Safeguarding
o    Keeping Children Safe in Education  - KCSIE
o    Care and Control
o    Health and Safety
o    Exclusions
o    Teaching and Learning
o    Equality, Diversity and Inclusion



Our school aims to:
•    Provide a safe environment where learning is enjoyable.
•    Offer an engaging and challenging curriculum
•    Promote healthy, positive relationships with others in school and the community
•    Help each individual to discover and develop new skills.
•    Provide challenge and support to achieve high standards
•    Encourage and support children to become well rounded, self- disciplined, respectful, moral and caring.
•    Develop the mental wellbeing of pupils
•    Develop the children as independent and effective learners

School Ethos

Positive behaviour is consistently reinforced everywhere in school, throughout the school day – each class follow the whole school behaviour expectations. The school uses a restorative approach, linking in with the PSHRE curriculum, where pupils explore self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and empathy as well as social skills. Children are provided with consistent positive encouragement and recognition when they demonstrate positive behaviour. They are supported to make the right choice and learn how to problem solve. Our School Rules are taught and embedded right through school, from Reception to Year 6. This creates a transparent, whole school theme which everyone strives to work towards.

School Rules

The school rules were created in conjunction with the school council (Summer 2022) and all of the children in school shared their opinions. They clearly define the high standard of behaviour that we expect in school and reinforce the idea that we should ‘always’ behave in this way. They are referred to frequently and should encourage the children to be positive in all they do and should help to create a happy environment for pupils to work in.

These rules are set out below. These have been agreed with by the children, staff and Governors as a whole school, consistent approach:

•    Always respect everyone and everything.
•    Always be kind to everyone.
•    Always be an effective learner.
•    Always use good manners.
•    Always take responsibility for your actions.

Collective Efficacy

We encourage our children to feel part of our community and to develop a shared responsibility for our school.  This is facilitated by our school council, class teams and children applying for roles within school that have responsibility including librarian, eco warrior and digital leaders.

Within the classrooms, children develop a shared responsibility through the creation of class ‘teams’ and shared projects such as creating a class flag.  They also take it in turns to have specific roles and jobs which help support the effective running of the classroom.  At Tithe Barn our children work with a randomly selected talk partner, which changes on a weekly/fortnightly basis. The children have rules to follow and provide feedback to their partner.  The opportunity to work with all of the children within their classroom strengthens relationships and supports a collaborative culture of learning.
Learning Behaviours

At Tithe Barn we have five effective learning behaviours that we develop with our children.  These are-
•    Working cooperatively
•    Being resilient
•    Concentrating
•    Continuously improving
•    Being curious

These were created in conjunction with the children and have been identified as contributing to being an effective learner.  To illustrate and reinforce these behaviours animals represent each characteristic/learning power.  A copy of the learning powers is included in the appendices

Intrinsic motivation

At Tithe Barn we want to encourage our children to develop a healthy self-efficacy which is based on learned accomplishments and good choices rather than on false praise and rewards.  Our children are encouraged to develop this by exploring the concepts of mindsets and mental toughness.  They develop an understanding of learning as a journey and they are praised for their resilience and displaying the characteristics of effective learning.  Learning is shared and celebrated at our weekly Learning Assembly.  Children are provided with specific feedback on their progress, positives are reinforced and next steps identified. (Please see Feedback Policy).

Occasionally, as part of IBP (Individual behaviour Plan) we may develop an external reward system to support a child in the short term to make improvements to their behaviour for example the use of marbles to reinforce the positives followed    

You can read the full Behaviour Policy by clicking on the link below