School Meals

We offer a nutritional range of school dinners, these are prepared daily in our school kitchen working with Dolce.
Dolce is a family run schools caterers who provide good healthy food. They only use suppliers who support British producers and tailor their fresh produce to best utilise British crops.
Dolce believe in the high standards of animal welfare and products such as eggs are free range. They constantly review purchasing policies to ensure that they support the sustainability agenda and have traceability of their ingredients from field to fork. You can read more information on our school dinner provider here
Dolce offer exciting new menus each term which are cooked fresh from raw ingredients and allow parents and pupils to pre-order from home, So you can look at the menus with your children and select your school dinners together.
Please make sure you order your child's meal in advance. The online ordering system can be accessed through the Live Kitchen  website here