Late and Absence Procedures

If your child is sick please can you phone the school office on  0161 432 4941 leaving your child's name and reason for absence.
If possible please call before 9.30 am
Parents are asked to contact the school every day that their child is unable to attend school, except where a doctor’s report has been provided indicating an expected return date.
Request for Leave of Absence

Where permission for an absence during term time is requested, due to exceptional circumstances, a Request for Leave of Absence form must be completed at least two weeks before the time requested explaining the reason for the request and handed to the office with any other evidence to support the application for the Headteacher to assess.

Holidays in term time do not qualify as exceptional circumstances and cannot be authorised by the school.

With effect from 1st September 2013, the law concerning term time holidays and leave of absence has changed. Previously schools were allowed to authorise pupils to miss up to 10 days’ school a year for the purpose of family holidays if they felt there were special circumstances which justified it.

This right has now been abolished. Schools are now only allowed to authorise leave of absence from school for any reason if they are satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances.

The effect of this change means that it is now very unlikely that permission for pupils for leave of absence for holidays or other purposes will be granted. Schools may also require evidence to be provided before agreeing to authorise any exceptional leave of absence.

You can find further details in our Attendance policy below